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I'm Kathy Cacicedo, a lifestyle, advertising photographer & director check out my work at . Recently I found myself photographing a lot of dogs and I gotta tell you - some of these dogs took direction better than any professional model I've ever worked with!  I've had so much fun lately on these dog photoshoots that I decided to change things up a bit. Starting in Spring of 2019 I am going to try to fill any holes in my advertising schedule with dog portrait shoots whenever possible and I am now targeting my new marketing as a photographer/director to pet related brands. I'm beyond excited to get this going!  


My style reflects how I see a world filled with vibrant colors, fun and full of special moments. I have come to know that life is about collecting experiences, it’s been good to me and a lot of crazy, lucky opportunities have come my way. Who else can say a Guatemalan Boy Band was responsible for turning a photographer into a director?


I bring my years of experience and enthusiasm to every job, whether I’m shooting a dog portrait or a big advertising production. I’ve been told I’m known for being collaborative, for being an eternal optimist and for making people who just met me feel like they have known me forever.


When I’m not working it’s a sure bet that I can be found on the beach with my doggos @wallybdoodle  his little sister @graciebdoodle and new brother @buster_B_doodle…and yes, I’ll admit I’m obsessed with their Instagrams. 

I've got 3 dogs of my own and I still want to photograph yours!

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