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I've heard  ;)  that in the olden days you shot a roll of film, sent it out and waited for the a package of 3x5 prints to come the mailbox mail...have you seen it? the mailbox outside your house....not email...People picked their favorite shot and got an "enlargement" and hung it on their wall. Imagine that!  

These days we take iphone photos and rarely have anything printed. I'm a professional photographer and I'm guilty of it too...currently my iphone says I have 34,204 photos on it...I posted a lot of them but guess how many I printed? not one. no joke.  

You've decided to go for it and have a fun filled photoshoot day with your best friend, I sincerely hope you will hang a photo on your wall so every time you walk past it you will smile and laugh to yourself when you remember what we went through to get the shot!


The following products are available to you in a wide variety of sizes at an extra cost. I will handle the orders for you using reputable photo labs to make sure the color looks great and you get the very best results.  Click on selections to learn more.

There are many other products out there! Let me know what you are looking for and I can find someone who makes it. 

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