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kcdoggos (1).png! "behind the curtain"...

In a perfect world you would get "the shot" every time! Well thanks to photoshop you can get pretty close! Here is a look "behind the curtain" at some examples of the post production that most of my shoots require. This retouching time is always included in your session fee.


Jackson's portrait is a good example of my photoshop magic.  Believe it or not, he's not in Colorado! These rocks were next to the road near a local soccer field so as always it's safety first and he needed to be on his leash. I took out his owner, took out the power lines in the background, built the rock up in the forground. Added clouds and the tree on the right from another shot, and fixed the tone of his face so his beautiful eyes would pop.



Jack was a combination of  four shots!​


the background worked best on this one but Jack was not at his cutest


super cute head tilt on this one so I decided to switch heads


switched heads...made the background a magical blue color and added some leaves falling from the sky which came from a separate shot.


Gunner was just a puppy who would not stand still and his owner had to hold him on the leash. Better safe than sorry! I took his owner out of the shot and made the blue sculpture grow three times it's size to cover the trees, cars and park in the background. 


Juno & Royal

Every situation is different - sometimes its easier to photograph two dogs separately and combine them in post as was the case with Juno and Royal. I also took out their owner and added some fun sun flares to the backlighting that I knew would look great making a halo of sun on their fur.

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