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kcdoggos (1).png! products: wood print wraps

NEW!  Wood print wraps are one of the hot new mediums to print on right now. You should be aware that certain images will look better on wood than others, for example a shot with more sky in it.  The detail of the real wood grain will show more in the highlights of the photo and the wood will make the shadows darker. Keep that in mind when deciding, or ask me my opinion I'd be more than happy to help.

Prices start at $125.00 Please contact me for a detailed price list.

• Available in seven sizes 8x12 to 24x36.

• The image is fully wrapped around 1.5 inch edges

• Includes sawtooth notches for easy hanging

• Finished with a protective laminate that can be cleaned with a dry cloth or duster.

• Made from real maple wood so no two grains are alike - the direction of the grain will also vary from piece to piece.

Check back soon to see a sample of one of my photos printed on wood but for now here are some other samples.


There are many other products out there! Let me know what you are looking for and I can find someone who makes it. 

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