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NEW!  Sleek and modern printing on glass is the newest hottest style right now. I think my style of photography lends itself perfectly to the unique look of glass printing.

Prices start at $45.00 please contact me for a detailed price list.

• Available in 8 sizes from 5x5 to 21.6 x 28.8

• Ink is sprayed directly onto the glass and cured with a UV process. A bright opaque layer of white ink is applied beneath the color layer to add depth.

• A lightweight mount is attached to back which adds strength and makes your print stand just a bit off the wall.

• Handcrafted


Check back soon to see a sample of one of my photos printed on glass but for now check out how great glass prints can look in a collage of photos


There are many other products out there! Let me know what you are looking for and I can find someone who makes it. 

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