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woof...camera...action! "oh the places you'll go"

Your session will take place in the great outdoors at spot you and your dog love. Think park, beach, boardwalk, lake, stream, pool, rooftop! How about some great architecture as a location? Your classic convertible Mustang? Brownstone stoop anyone? New York skyline? Snow storm? Igloo? Or hey, if you'd just rather stay in your backyard thats fine too!

For this session you can expect:

lots of laughs - fun - belly rubs - smiles -

- kazoo playing & duck calls. 

What not to expect:

a rigid plan - a bad mood or a diva attitude!

How it all works:

Post production

Being a superstar is exhausting! After our fun filled shoot is over, you and your pup will be ready for a nap! While you’re at it the next round of work starts for me. I’ll be back at my desk downloading all the photos we shot, going through them one by one, curating a tight edit of the photos that really make your dog shine. After that I’ll make basic adjustments of color/contrast etc to all my selects, upload those photos to a password protected website , send you the link to pick your favorites and woof! balls in your court!

Delivery as needed

Depending on where you are and what you order we will figure out the best way to get you your prints.

Our creative call

All great ideas get even better with a creative call. Before our shoot we will brainstorm on the phone and talk about where you would like to do the shoot. You’ll tell me all about your dog, what you love so much about him and what makes him the great dog that he is.

The shoot day

I'll get to the location ahead of you, scout around and pick what I think would be the best spot to shoot our main portrait. When you arrive I'll show you my ideas. Once we agree on the look, I’ll put my 20 years of lighting experience to work to capture that sparkle in your dog’s eye and make him shine just as vibrant as his personality. Next we focus on making me your dog’s new BFF and get him comfortable with my camera and lights. Once that happens we'll get down to it! Things will get funny, I’m not gonna lie, we’ll use my dog whispering experience and/or my bag of tricks to get your dog engaged with the camera. Fair warning (and only if you want to!)... you might find yourself laying on your belly next to me on the ground...blowing kisses,...enticing your dog with his favorite ball or squeezing a duck call toy. If you want to play the kazoo you won’t have to twist my arm to let you. It's up to you! You’re going to laugh and have a blast and so will your dog - thats a promise. After we feel like we got "the shot" we'll break down the lights and move on to a different spot near by and do some "set up candids". For these shots I generally use available light and a reflector. Think rolling in the grass, running across a field, peeking around a corner, laying in a pile of leaves. Sometimes when you have no plan you get the best results! During this time you are welcome to join in with your pet for some shots. How about a close up with your best friend, a snuggle together or maybe just lay in the grass, or bubbles!...someone please want to do bubbles! I think that would be a blast. ​This session generally lasts about 2 - 2.5 hours - we finish when your dog lets us know he is done or when we are confident we shot a lot of really great images.

Photoshop Magic

Next I get out my wand and work my photoshop magic on your choices. I’ll dedicate even more hours to making the shot the very best it can be. Whether its swapping heads, taking out leashes, adding flares, clouds or extra trees, I’ll make it a photo you will love every time you walk past it hanging on your wall and you'll laugh to yourself when you think about what we did together to make it happen. (Be sure to “take a look behind the curtain” to see examples of the kind of magic that goes into a great portrait)

Choose your favorites

When you are done oooo...ing and awe..ing at all the images of your amazing pup then its up to you to make the tough decision and pick your favorites. You decide which product you want from the choices that are included in your session and decide if you want to order any extra prints. You let me know and then its back to the computer for me to start retouching.

What happens if it rains? Please read through the FAQ's to find the answers to every possible question I could think of that you might have!

"oh the places you'll go"

$650 includes your choice of:

One eye popping METAL print

 of your favorite portrait, fully retouched

You pick the size:  8x10 • 11x14 • 12x12 • 12x18 

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


One sleek, modern ACRYLIC  print

of your favorite portrait, fully retouched  

You pick the size:  8x10 or 11x14

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


One classic CANVAS WRAP print

of your favorite portrait, fully retouched 

You pick the size: 8x10 • 10x10 • 12x12 • 11x14 •

12x16 • 12x18 • 16x16 • 16x20 

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


The ability to download up to 10 proofs from a password protected gallery that are big enough to look great on facebook and instagram. The file quality is perfect for sharing not for printing. 

Prints on Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Glass and Canvas, as well as standard prints for framing are available for an additional cost.  Retouching is included in any additional prints purchased.  Please view Product page for more info. 

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