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Your session will take place in the great outdoors at spot you and your dog love. Think park, beach, boardwalk, lake, stream, pool, rooftop! How about some great architecture as a location? Your classic convertible Mustang? Brownstone stoop anyone? New York skyline? Snow storm? Igloo? Or hey, if you'd just rather stay in your backyard thats fine too!

For this session you can expect:

lots of laughs - fun - belly rubs - smiles -

- kazoo playing & duck calls. 

What not to expect:

a rigid plan - a bad mood or a diva attitude!

How it all works:

How long will the Newborn session last? If a session takes longer, what happens then?

A single Newborn session normally lasts around 2-3 hours. As you simply cannot direct a small newborn, we adapt to his or her schedule. So if she doesn’t want to sleep or is a bit cranky and you will need to attend to his/her needs, then that is more than ok. We will have plenty of time to capture your precious one. In the rare occasion that the session does take longer than three hours, we will need to make a decision ahead of time. Usually after 2 hours we know where we stand and how much we have managed to capture up to this point. So we can discuss whether another hour after the 3 hours is necessary. We will make this decision together. In general, an extra hour costs £100.

What is included in the price?

Please refer to each individual package to see what it includes. Depending on what package you choose, you will receive different things, however, all of our price packages have the following things in common:
- an initial telephonic or Skype consultation to discuss any questions, details or just also to get to know each other better.
- Editing – each image will be touched individually to make the basic adjustment of enhancing the colours, the contrast, or any other necessary fine-tuning to ensure the optimal quality for your photos. Lastly, we will apply our own unique look to all images. Baby’s skin blemishes will be retouched out.
- Complementary password-protected online gallery – this will only be visible to you and anybody with whom you would like to share the link and password with.

What should I pay attention to prior to the session? How do I prepare?

There are several little things to pay attention to before you arrive such as, please do not feed your little one before I have arrived and am setting up, otherwise she/he will fall asleep before and it might be hard to settle her down again when we are ready to shoot.

Similarly, please do not dress him/her in anything that needs to be pulled over her head, otherwise she/he will wake up when we try to undress her.

Another very important thing to remember if the session is taking place in your home is to turn up the heating in the house before we arrive. Babys’ body temperatures drop very quickly when they are undressed, so we need to make sure he/she is warm and cozy. We will also bring a fan heater and an electric heating blanket to keep your precious one warm.

What kind of props/equipment will you bring and what will I need to provide?

We will bring all the necessary equipment such as backdrop stand, fabrics to use as backdrops, a bean bag to lay your baby onto, a wicker basket, an old apple crate and much more. These are for the basic set up. Whenever we find a new prop to use in my sessions, we might exchange one of those basic props with a new one as we do not wish to use the same props for all of our shoots. That way you can rest assured that your image will be unique. We will also bring a fan heater and a heating blanket to keep the little one warm and cozy. This is one of the most important things, as babys’ body temperatures fall very quickly and that will wake her up. Further we will also bring a small selection of throws, little blankets and hats, we can dress your newborn in. However, again, these will only be a basic selection. We would like to encourage you to also bring along a few wraps/hats/blankets/scrafs or similar. Anything crochet or knitted or something with texture like fur usually looks best in the final images. Lastly, we will pack baby bed mats, wipes and paper towels in case of little accidents. This is just normal as we are shooting the baby naked most of the times. It is not a question of IF this will happen but rather WHEN, So between fabric layers we will put some baby bed mats, so when anything happens, we can simply change the fabrics for the backdrop and continue shooting. All of our fabrics are machine washable and can easily be cleaned afterwards. So not to worry. Also please have a think about any kind of prop that might have sentimental value to you and that you would like to incorporate into the images. Maybe an old family heirloom. This could be a specific blanket your grandma made or an old jewellery box that could act as a prop inside the image…anything really. Have a think about this.

Newborns often have skin problems i.e. dry skin or spots/blemishes, will you be retouching these out? Or will this cost extra?

We will attend any retouching needs for the images of your newborn. In addition to that any basic colour enhancement and my signature look will be applied to all images.

How long after the session can we expect the images?

You will receive the disk with the high res images roughly 4-6 weeks after the session. This depends on the amount of images and when the session is held (during the summer months it might take a bit longer than during the winter months). We will try to get images out to you as soon as possible. However, we will provide you with one or two sneak peek images shortly after the session, so you have something to share with your family and friends immediately.

I would like to use an image or two for my birth announcement card, would this be possible?

Of course! If you let us know in advance that this is the case, we can make sure to retouch and provide you with one high res image for your birth announcement cards shortly after the session. We will generally provide you with one or two sneak peek images shortly after the session anyways, so you can use those as well.

I would like my older son/daughter to be part of the shoot, is this possible?

Of course, absolutely! We do encourage this even. We want you to see this photoshoot as a potential family shoot as well. Capturing the interaction of your first born with your newborn can be quite emotional and unique, so this is a very important part of our style.

Do we, the parents, need to be in the photographs? I don’t feel ready to have my picture takes as yet.

We completely understand that so shortly after giving brith, you might not feel ready to have your picture taken as yet. However, we do encourage you to think about this anyways. The images in which you and your husband are interacting with your little baby can be the most precious images of them all. You might regret it afterwards not having taken any images with your child.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please have a read here for our newborn photography terms & conditions.

What rights do I have over the images I will receive?

The client may use the photographs for personal purposes. The copyright of all photographs is owned by Morningside Photography. We, the client, give permission to Morningside Photography to use any image of our photo session for any general marketing and advertising purposes for Morningside Photography. Morningside Photography is entitled to use all images produced for i.e. exhibitions, editorials, digital and print marketing incl. social media platforms, publications, educational DVDs and websites, and/or display purposes. It is understood that the copyright of all and any photographs belongs to Morningside Photography. No photographs may be copied or reproduced by any means photographic or otherwise by any person or machine other than by the photographer or his appointed agent, unless the high-resolution pictures are purchased by the Client. Releasing photographs online by the Client (i.e. Facebook, blog or any other online channels) are prohibited unless the photographer’s company name, Facebook Page and/or Website is tagged or mentioned along with the image.

How do I pay?

A deposit must be paid at the time of booking to secure your session date. For newborn sessions only: Due to the uncertain prediction of an exact arrival day of your baby, certain flexibility for booking the newborn session will apply. An initial date within the first 10 days of your due date is to be pencil-booked in, however, this is subject to change depending on the exact date of birth. Once agreed upon a final session date, you may reschedule your session up to 7 days prior to your shoot if required. After this a £40.00 rebooking fee will be charged. Session fees are refundable up to one calendar month before your session date, after this time it becomes non-refundable but transferable (should you wish to change the date). The outstanding amount should be paid in full via bank transfer up to 24h before the session or in cash on the day of the appointment.

Where will the photoshoot take place?

Depending on the style of the photoshoot and the package chisen we will decide together whether the photoshoot will take place in our Morningside Studio, outdoors or in the comfort of your home.

What happens if I don't love my images?

Your images will be available for you to view around 10 days after your photoshoot. At that viewing session, you can choose the images you prefer (although many customers buy all of them because they can’t choose between them!). In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the images we’ve created for you, then please chat to us about your concerns at that time so that we can aim to come to a quick resolution. The skin of newborn babies can sometimes be blotchy, dry and flaky. Please don’t worry about this! We can use our digital editing skills to remove any blemishes from the images if you wish, so that your finished images and photo products are nothing short of perfect! Please note that throughout your photoshoot you will have an opportunity to request alternative styling if you don’t like what we are doing. Please feel comfortable to speak up if this is the case. These are your images and we want you to treasure them, so please do let us know if you would prefer different colours or props to be used, for example. Re-shoots are not available for bad hair days, grumpy partners or wardrobe regrets. However, we do offer a Money Back Guarantee. If we cannot come to a mutually acceptable resolution, your session fee will be returned without quibble and your images destroyed. Once an order has been placed you are deemed to have accepted your images & bespoke product statutory rights apply.

Why does a newborn shoot take so long?

As any parent knows, babies operate to the beat of their own drum! That means that every newborn photography session that we do is completely different. Some babies sleep the whole way through. Others take a while to settle to sleep between feeds and nappy changes. Ideally, you’ll arrive at the studio with baby due to feed & drift off to sleep, some babies need plenty of milk and cuddles before they are happy to settle down to sleep, which is fine! There is absolutely no rush! There is no need to arrive early to feed, its all factored in for you. We go at your baby’s own pace. That’s why I allow for around two hours per newborn session, although sometimes it can take less or more time than that.

Can I bring people with me to the photoshoot?

For Newborn Sessions:

Yes, absolutely. We can comfortably accommodate a maximum of two adults and the baby’s siblings in our photography studio, so you are welcome to bring others with you if you wish.

For Older Children Sessions:

Too many well-meaning voices calling instructions can lead to distractions and overwhelm the child, so it’s preferable to keep the number of visitors to a minimum. Ideally, choose to bring with you that one person who makes baby light up.

For Viewings:

While grandparents love to attend the viewing sessions, some parents prefer to enjoy the moment by themselves its entirely your call. Choosing your images can prove difficult and too many conflicting opinions can make it even more so!

Children are welcome at your ordering appointment and we have a toy box they can raid while they are here! But, if they are in the ‘million questions per minute phase’, you may find it more relaxing to choose alone, without them.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please refer here for our Data Protection policy

What happens if it rains? Please read through the FAQ's to find the answers to every possible question I could think of that you might have!

"oh the places you'll go"

$650 includes your choice of:

One eye popping METAL print

 of your favorite portrait, fully retouched

You pick the size:  8x10 • 11x14 • 12x12 • 12x18 

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


One sleek, modern ACRYLIC  print

of your favorite portrait, fully retouched  

You pick the size:  8x10 or 11x14

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


One classic CANVAS WRAP print

of your favorite portrait, fully retouched 

You pick the size: 8x10 • 10x10 • 12x12 • 11x14 •

12x16 • 12x18 • 16x16 • 16x20 

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


The ability to download up to 10 proofs from a password protected gallery that are big enough to look great on facebook and instagram. The file quality is perfect for sharing not for printing. 

Prints on Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Glass and Canvas, as well as standard prints for framing are available for an additional cost.  Retouching is included in any additional prints purchased.  Please view Product page for more info. 

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