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senior dog

at home sessions

This session is specifically for senior dogs who are moving slowly these days, not getting out much or have health issues.  Dogs who are happier inside, in the comfort of their own home.


Of course that does not describe all senior dogs! My first dog Riley acted like a puppy up till the last week of his life, so if your senior dog is more like Riley then by all means sign him up for a "oh the places you'll go" session! 

These Senior Dog sessions get bumped to the top of the list, I'll do everything I can to accommodate you and your family as quickly as I can. 

What to expect:

lots of love - belly rubs, patience & dignity


What not to expect:

a rigid plan or watching the clock

What happens if I have to cancel?  Please read through the FAQ's to find the answers to every possible question I could think of that you might have!

The Senior Dog 

$550 includes your choice of:

One eye popping METAL print

 of your favorite portrait, fully retouched

You pick the size:  8x10 • 11x14 • 12x12 • 12x18 

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


One sleek, modern ACRYLIC  print

of your favorite portrait, fully retouched  

You pick the size:  8x10 or 11x14

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


One classic CANVAS WRAP print

of your favorite portrait, fully retouched 

You pick the size: 8x10 • 10x10 • 12x12 • 11x14 • 12x16 •

12x18 • 16x16 • 16x20 

along with a Facebook and Instagram sized file for you to share.


The ability to download up to 10 proofs from a password protected gallery that are big enough to look great on facebook and instagram. The file quality is perfect for sharing not for printing.


Just a note - If you prefer to photograph your senior dog outside on your property thats fine too! The senior dog session is priced  lower than the "baby it's cold outside" session because generally with a senior dog I will end up shooting less images overall, and not have as many post production hours involved so the price reflects that.

Prints on Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Glass and Canvas, as well as standard prints for framing are available for an additional cost.  Retouching is included in any additional prints purchased.  Please view Product page for more info. 

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